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    -- Professional And Stay Focused

    More than twenty years’ experience in battery industry; Keep focusing on emergency lighting battery, e-bike battery and power tool battery.

    -- Great Reliability

    Expected life of our Ni-Cd battery pack is more than 5 years; Expected life of our LiFePO4 battery pack is more than 10 years; Our batteries comply with standards of ICEL 1010, IEC 60598, IEC 61951, IEC 61960, IEC 62133 and UN38.3.

    -- Super High Cost-Effective

    Price of our products is much more competitive comparing with our competitors, but with the same or even better performance.

    -- Strict Control In Production Process

    ISO9001/2008 standards are strictly implemented in every process of our production.

    -- Quick Response and Fast Delivery

    Every inquiry would be replied within 24 hours, each order would be delivered within 30 days.

    -- Flexibility in orders

    Small orders acceptable as well.

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